Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is responsible for Home Wiring?

A. You have options regarding the wiring within your home that is used to provide cable service. Home wiring is the cable that runs from your TV set to a point approximately twelve inches outside of your dwelling unit. Home wiring includes extra outlets, splitters, connections and fittings or wall plates attached to the cable, but does not include terminal devices such as converters, descramblers, A/B switches, parental lockout devices and security devices.

Pursuant to FCC regulations, customers are given the option to acquire the home wiring within their home upon termination of cable service. However, even prior to termination of cable service, customers can remove, replace, rearrange, repair or maintain any cable wiring located within the interior space of their dwelling as long as these actions do not interfere with our ability to meet FCC technical standards or to provide services to you or your neighbors. For example, you may not attach any device or equipment to your inside wiring in a way that may cause a violation of government regulations, or that impairs the integrity of the local cable system, such as creating signal leakage. In addition, you may not attach devices or equipment to the wiring that result in a degradation of signal quality to you or your neighbors.

If you choose to have us remove, replace, rearrange or maintain the wiring inside your home, you will be charged our regulated hourly service charge on a per-visit basis. Furthermore, we are not responsible for problems relating to the operation of customer-owned consumer electronic equipment such as televisions, VCRs, home antennas, etc., which may be connected to the inside wiring in your home. We are, however, responsible for problems relating to any equipment that you lease from us, other than problems caused by tampering, neglect or abuse.

You also have the option of removing, repairing, rearranging or maintaining the inside wiring yourself or hiring a contractor to do the work for you. It is important that high quality home wiring materials be used and that these materials be properly installed to avoid signal leakage and to maintain signal quality in compliance with FCC technical regulations. However, if improper materials or installation causes signal degradation and/or leakage, we may be required under federal law to terminate your cable service until the problem can be remedied.


Q. How many TVs can cable signal support?

A. Our signal strength can support upto 3 TVs with an exception of basic service only supports 1 TV. 


Q. Why does Springfield Cable bill one month in advance?

A. Springfield Cable bills one month in advance so that all services are prepaid prior to usage. If your service was just installed or you’ve recently changed your service, partial month charges may be shown on your bill. This ensures that you are only charged for the correct number of days that you've had service.

Q. Does Springfield Cable offer any Premium channels?

A. Premium Channels include HBO, Cinemax, and the Starz & Encore package of about a dozen different channels, offered as a-la-carte services.

Q. Will there be any NEW channels available?

A. New Digital and HD channels will continue to be added . In order to receive these service customers will need to have a TV that has a digital cable tuner which most modern flat screen TVs purchased after 2007 have (with an exception of some very cheap small size TVs).

Q. Will Springfield Cable offer any Broadband Internet and/or Local Telephone services?

A. YES. Springfield Cable will offer both Broadband Internet service and Local Telephone Service, tentatively scheduled to start around this Summer.

Q. Is there an install fee?

A. Yes, typically we ask you to pay the install fee and first month service at the time of install.  Our normal billing cycle is first of each month. We bill a month in advance, so that your month is paid for before the service for that month begins, which avoids any late fees.

Q. Where can I get more information or ask questions?

A. Most information is available here on this website, but you can always contact us for more information.


Springfield Cable is a Green company. We limit our use of renewable resources. We highly encourage all customer's to take advantage of our email billing and our easy online payment portal. 

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